Schei Talks

Imagine a world where you could learn from the best minds in artificial intelligence while having fun and being entertained. A world where you could discover the secrets behind the most cutting-edge technologies, such as drones that fly in formation and algorithms that simulate emotions. A world where you could explore the big questions and the hidden connections that shape our understanding of AI, such as bio-inspired computing, consciousness, ethics, and creativity. That world is Schei Talks, a new podcast and YouTube series hosted by me and my co-hosts Emerson and Sara.

In each episode of Schei Talks, we will invite a guest who is an expert in AI and engage them in a lively and insightful conversation. We will ask them about their work, their impact, and their vision. We will also have a segment where the guest will teach us something new and exciting about a specific topic and the technical side of it. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, you will find something to spark your curiosity and imagination in this series.

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For our first episode, we are honored to have Mohammad Jafari, an expert in robotics, control engineering, and AI. He will tell us about his groundbreaking research on the flocking of a group of drones and brain emotional learning algorithms. What makes drones behave like birds? How can AI learn from human emotions? How can these technologies make the world a better place? You will be surprised by the answers and the stories behind them in our first episode of Schei Talks, coming soon to your favorite podcast and YouTube platforms.

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