Steve Ballmer/ having fun while changing the world!

This is a parody video made by Steve Ballmer in 1986 to promote Windows 1.0, the first graphical user interface for personal computers. This is the charismatic energy of an entrepreneur, more powerful than nuclear energy, pushing his product to the world, although it was shown internally at Microsoft and not intended for public release. In the video, Ballmer imitates a TV salesman and exaggerates the features and benefits of Windows 1.0, which was facing fierce competition with Apple’s Macintosh, which was launched a couple of years earlier and had a more advanced graphical user interface.

The video was made in a year when Microsoft was growing rapidly and becoming a dominant force in the software industry. In 1986, Microsoft moved to its new corporate campus in Redmond, Washington (which you see him bragging about at the end of the video), went public with an IPO that raised $61 million, and became the largest PC software company based on global sales. However, Microsoft also faced challenges from competitors, regulators, and customers who were demanding more innovation and quality from its products. The video captures the spirit of Microsoft in 1986: ambitious, confident, and playful.

Note- Steve Ballmer dropped out of his MBA to join Microsoft as employee #30 in 1980. He was the first business manager and became the CEO in 2000, succeeding Bill Gates.

Lesson learned: Making $100 Billion and changing the world starts with steps, even though small and unnoticeable you are taking now. Be patient, be persistent, HAVE FUN and make the best product in the world. Success will follow you; the rest is history!