Professor Lotfi Zadeh

The first pic belongs to a man who transformed our lives by creating fuzzy logic, a method of reasoning that resembles human reasoning: If A happens to do this, if B happens to do that, etc. He has created trillions of Dollars of added value for humanity, and hundreds of billionaires on the planet are directly or indirectly rich because of him. Today Google featured Professor Zadeh, the father of fuzzy logic on its doodle home page.

I’m honored to be working alongside Prof. Caro Lucas who was a student/colleague of Prof. Zadeh. Caro believed in fuzzy logic but also knew its limitations. Caro was a firm believer in biological systems and evolution. If emotions haven’t been eradicated in evolution, that means there’s a role for emotions in our evolution; and he was right. Later on, together, we introduced a new subset of AI, called Brain Emotional Learning/BEL/BELBIC which showed emotion-based decision making is way more robust than logic.

Emotion-based AI is still in its infancy, but soon it’s going to help us create machines that are exponentially more intelligent, more intelligent than any human, or all humans; and that can create tens of Trillionaires, and hopefully the ultimate wealth for ALL.

University of California, Berkeley University of Tehran
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