Entrepreneurs Moving Beyond VCs

Carta and Brex! Thanks for your hospitality and for having us at today’s Yacht Party. It was great learning from other entrepreneurs’ journeys on a nice sunny breezy day while partying on a Biscayne sandbar with a dozen other yachts!

Some lessons I learned:

1- underrepresented entrepreneurs’ journey is for sure harder than white Bay Area bros, but they don’t like your mentorship offers to supposedly reduce the gap, that’s useless, they want your money.

2- more than what I expected entrepreneurs are becoming spiritually conscious, they meditate and they want to create impact.

3- Entrepreneurs are increasingly looking for alternative ways for fundraising other than VCs, which clearly there’s a gap/opportunity here.

4- they don’t like you wasting their time by keeping them on reserve, delaying the process. “Tell it in our face if you don’t like us or the business model.” Also, investors need to be more transparent: “If you don’t have money, don’t approach us. Why are you saying we’re too early for you whereas your portfolio companies are even earlier stage? “Etc.


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