Sending Firouz Naderi Positive Energy

I’m very sad to hear about Dr. Firouz Michael Naderi‘s complete paralysis because of an accident yesterday. He is an Iranian American scientist who had 36 years of technical and executive roles at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and helped with some of America’s most amazing robotic space missions. He is the symbol of a successful immigrant for us Iranians in the US or anywhere in the world. We had to escape Iran from the shame of Islamic extremists. We had double the hardship that normal immigrants have, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger; and we Iranian-Americans are the tip of the arrow; in fighting our way to succeed in the most disadvantageous environment, and Dr. Naderi has been our role model; a guru; a successful scientist who got into the most critical and important parts of NASA, in the cold war and after, he’s a true testament that everything is possible.

He is our national heritage, but more than that, he is a real human. I respect him personally, professionally and as a mentor and advisor. When Hummingbirds AI was very new, and we were picked by TechCrunch as the top pick for Disrupt 2020, I contacted Dr. Naderi with a cold call, Sunday evening; with a long email, in 4 paragraphs, starting with “Nima here, a digital nomad, a math-enthusiast and a tea-lover! Most importantly, I’m a disruptor who loves challenges and AI,” and talked about my vision, and 4 paragraphs ending it with “if our vision interests you, your involvement as an advisor can affect the lives of millions of Americans through a privacy-centered home security experience.”; a few hours later he replied and we scheduled a meeting for a few days later. He was one of the reasons our company survived and thrived. He spent months mentoring me and advising me, even making peace between me and a key executive. He never asked for anything in return, he is a gentleman with a good heart to help others, and this is not only me, but many others; he’s been a source of good for the whole community, not only here in the US; but also in Iran, to help kids in the rural areas, and he once said a story of a kid who got shoes from Firouz as the best day of his life. He’s a beautiful mind; and heart. Sending him positive energy and Wishing him a fast recovery.






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