Queen of Guacamole!

Day 3- Behind every successful man there stands a STRONG woman (and behind every successful woman, there stands a man). The success is just the tip of the iceberg. I never imagined that I’d be this fortunate, to have unquestionable support along the way in my 15+ years of career as an entrepreneur and the rest is just history, work, lots of work, teamwork, network and a passion to positively impact the world. But most importantly, today more than ever I saw she has been my best friend, my source of inspiration and a stunning force of inspiration to go after my dreams: 1- To create the most intelligent being on the planet, and 2- To liberate all animals from human abuse. I’m confident that “dream” would become a “reality” as long as I have her support beside me. Thanks, Queen of Guacamole!





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