Ban AI and China Will Eat The World!

While some celebrities and scientists call for banning generative AI, it’s important to consider the potential consequences of halting its progress. AI is ultimately just a tool, albeit a potent one, and is no different from any other tool. Similar to a hammer, it can be utilized for good or ill, yet its intended purpose is not to be wielded as a weapon. We do not prohibit the manufacturing of hammers following each instance of misuse, nor did we outlaw the internet due to illegal content. So what is sparking the clamor for a more measured and cautious development of AI technology? Did we outlaw automobiles because they can be used for criminal purposes? And did we ban the internet because of the dark web? And ban the trading of cryptocurrencies due to dodgy trades? Did we ban the effort on genome editing like CRISPR because of its potential misuse? We don’t ban these technologies simply because of their potential for misuse, so why should we do so with AI?

Many powerful technologies have been immensely beneficial to humanity despite their potential for harm. Rather than pausing AI development, we should focus on holding individuals accountable for any misuse of these technologies. After all, how many lives could be saved through the use of AI? We can’t afford to slow down the development of life-saving technologies. Can cancer patients wait months if not years for us to figure out how to govern AI? Have we done a great job in the governance of other technologies?

Moreover, we’re in competition with other nations such as China who are NOT going to pause their work on generative AI. If we slow down, we will fall behind in a technology that could be one of the most powerful tools created by humankind. Such a scenario would have serious consequences for our country and make us vulnerable in many other areas.
Rather than succumbing to fear, we, at the personal and corporate level, should advocate advancing AI technology in a measured and responsible manner, with accountability for any misuse.

The potential benefits of AI are simply too great for us to delay its development.

P.s. In 1986 there was a protest by math teachers against the use of calculators:





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